Elenco squadre e progetti


Sfida2018-2019 INTO ORBIT
Qualificazione regionaleNord Ovest
Team NumberFLL158
Nome del TeamASTROFINO
Regione di provenienzaLombardia
CittàFino Mornasco (Como)
Titolo del progetto scientificoFLL158 ASTROFINO
Abstract del progetto scientificoStarting from a past project linked to the danger of collision with meteorites or debris in case of space travel or permanence on the ISS, we have started to face the problem of space waste. Our project consists of building a satellite with a mechanical arm and both a bucket and a container at the end. Mechanical arm is used to collect debris or satellites parts using proximity sensors and put them into container. Container is made of two cylindrical parts which open and close when debris are inside. The collected debris can be carried on the Earth or sent towards the Sun or parked in landfill orbits to be reused on future. We asked how to use debris and found that iron ones can be melt and electronic components can be reused to built new satellite structures.
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